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photo of chef at class Chef Marco Fiorini, Gaia Napa Valley Hotel serving at a Majesty School Of Etiquette™ Dining Etiquette class.


Basic Etiquette

In our basic etiquette class “What Is Etiquette?” students learn how to navigate a variety of professional, social, and familial situations. Topics include introduction to the art of meeting and greeting, personal presentation, grooming, conversational skills and much more.    Available as a workshop, house party, or corporate training.

Dining Etiquette

photo of formal place setting

Dining etiquette covers topics such as place settings, glassware, serving and passing, Continental & American eating styles, and leaving the table appropriately. Both formal and informal environments are discussed in this class.   Available as a workshop or house party.

Image and Appearance

You only have one chance to make a first impression. This class teaches all the skills needed to present yourself in a manner that fits the social or professional setting.  Feel confident the next time you make new acquaintances or make a presentation to an individual or group. Available as a workshop, individual session, house party, or corporate training
Services available also include style assessment, wardrobe and color analysis and personal shopper service for individuals.

Business Protocols

photo of handshake

This class emphasizes the very important aspects of domestic and international business best practices. Topics such as personal presentation, meeting & greeting, rapport building, interviewing, communication, networking and general office behavior are covered in depth. Special attention is paid to interview preparation. Available as a workshop, individual session, house party, or corporate training.

Communication Skills

Communication is a broad and often misunderstood topic. This class will help to explain the basic communication best practices that so many of us take for granted. Topics covered include: answering the telephone, leaving appropriate voicemail messages, accepting and declining invitations, thank you notes, as well as using first names and sir names.  Available as a workshop, house party, or as corporate training.

Corporate Training

This workshop includes the art of building rapport, telephone etiquette, correct use of voice mail & e-mail.  RSVP protocols, using titles, first and last names.  Understanding the silent language otherwise known as body language.  This class prepares sales representatives, customer service personnel how to handle even the most difficult customer service situations with ease and confidence. This class focuses on the most called upon soft skills required to resolve conflicts, troubleshoot, and communicate easily & successfully with both internal personnel and external clients.  Enroll in this class and watch your customer satisfaction scores improve.   Available as a corporate training module only.