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At Majesty School of Etiquette ™ we listen to what our clients are saying.  Below we have shared what a few of our current and past clients have said about the classes and services offered at  Majesty School of Etiquette™. 

"Teaching me table manners and how to a set a table was most useful to me, because as a young lady these are two very important things to know. 
I have retained 100% of the information that was shared with me. I am very confident now that I know this information!

"How to set the table was my favorite topic covered. It's a topic that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I like the way the speaker broke things down for us, so it was not a bit confusing.

"Thank you for taking your time to teach me proper lady-like behavior!"
Kiera Smith
Age 12

"I like that the speaker. Janet enunciated her words clearly and was very interactive with the audience.  I also liked that she was very personable and down to earth.  My favorite topics were; first impressions, appearance and table manners."
Kim Johnson

"Janet is truly a Godsend for such a time as this.  I love her personality and she handled herself very well with the audience ranging from ages 10 and above.  Janet is also very knowledgeable of the subject matter but what impressed me most is her confidence, humility, and professionalism all wrapped up in one package."
Dorothy Collier 
Director, Women’s Ministry 
Revival Center Ministries

"The speaker was very eloquent, an example of etiquette in use daily. Very knowledgeable of her field and able to express it with diginity."
Lisa Harrison

"After six weeks I remember about half of what was taught. Most of the time I think of the right thing to do after the matter.  The trainer was excellent, you could tell she loved what she was doing, and that makes all the difference. It made me want to love etiquette too."
 Rhonda Featherstone